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The MetaVerse hub for all. Play-Learn-Socialize-Shop-Earn

Made to Be Played

Experience a Fun MetaVerse

The Metaverse hub for all

The TuruVerse is the MetaVerse hub for all (gamers, businesses, entrepreneurs, shoppers, students and others).

After a fast and simple registration process, users can immediately access the various entertainment options available on TuruVerse.

TuruVerse is powered by a MultiChain Blockchain solution to ensure a safe and stable entertainment experience for the users.

Users don't need to know anything about cryptocurrency to participate in TuruVerse's activities. Just enjoy, play, learn and earn in the TuruVerse.


The TuruVerse is a fully immersive digital world that offers a wide range of features. You can play games, explore shops and lounges, enjoy music performances, and much more. Whether you're a gamer, a shopper, a music lover, or simply looking for a place to hang out with friends, TuruVerse has something for everyone.

Experience the ultimate in digital entertainment with TuruVerse. Come and explore this exciting new world with your friends today!

Our Games

Our Games

TuruVerse will provide a wide range of games which will be located in three dimensions.

In our first Dimension of TuruVerse we have a range of games that can be played like Turu Parcours, Ninja Arcade, Turu Hunt and Treasure Hunt games.

In the second and third Dimension further exciting games will be added.


Skill game

Free to play

Move into the Parcours arena, alone to try your skills or join your friends in a dedicated server and push them into the deep abyss.

Regular #WEYE competitions will be held.

1_ninja 1.png

Arcade game

Free to play

Enter the Ninja's arcade and enjoy a wide range of old school arcade games to play.

Wonder around and try them all out. If you want to play the special games, use your skills to reach the second floor


Turu Hunter

Skill game

Free to play

Find the person impersonating physical objects in our Hide & Seek arena. Play with random opponents or with your friends in a dedicated server.


Adventure game

Small fee to play

Get your treasure map and start chasing the clues to find the treasure. Regularly new games are organized. Winner takes home the main prize. Low entry fee for the treasure map.

PR_BlackBeard (1).png
Roadmap transp.png

Vision & Mission



TuruGlobal aims to create a platform for businesses and projects in and outside crypto to collaborate and build a Web3 world. Our "We earn - You earn" principle fosters an open global community for all.

TuruVerse is the Web3 hub for enterprises and communities, connecting them seamlessly with secure, decentralized technology. Join us on this exciting journey!


TuruGlobal is a force for Good.

We are on a mission to make the world a better place. Our goal is to empower people to lead better lives by providing education, joy, independence, and freedom in all areas.

We believe in creating a platform that's accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or experience. Our aim is to offer an opportunity for all to play, learn, and earn while being part of a global movement to improve people's lives and promote independence.

Affiliates program

Help TuruVerse to find paying partners for renting commercial premises, organizing events or renting advertisements and share in the revenue. More details by clicking the button.

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