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Become a TuruVerse

Join our affiliate program and help us find partners for the Turuverse who are interested in renting real estate, using advertisement space, or sponsoring events. As an affiliate, you'll earn a commission on each successful partnership you bring to us. Let us help you turn your network into revenue.

Affiliate Services

Reach out to register for Affiliate services by sending an e-mail and start earning by finding partner projects.




If you are able to find a party to rent adverisement space in TuruVerse, you will receive 20% of the first 3 months of advertisment revenue and 10% of any follow up spending by the same party



Find a renter for the TuruVerse and earn 20% of the revenue of the initial rent contract and a further 10% on any further extensions of the rent contracts



Get a partner for organizing an event and earn 10% of the revenue generated by the event sponsorship.

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