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$BBT Token

$BBT the MultiChain Bitcoin of MemeCoins

WIth an original supply of 700 Million $BBT tokens in circulation, $BBT is a meme token with limited supply besides that $BBT also has a lot of use cases. It plays an instrumental role in the TuruVerse as well

$BBT is available on Tron, BSC and Polygon with up to 100 Million $BBT moving towards Rollux (Syscoin L2) as well. The approach of the move towards Rollux is explained in this page.


Launchpad Strategy

After go-live of Rollux, the $BBT token will be Launched on the Rollux Blockchain. The Launchpad will be running on WEconomy:


Tax & Burns


There is a 5% tax on the $BBT token and part of that tax flows into the black hole being burned. Part flows back to the holders of $BBT. The graphic shows the holder rewards for holding $BBT on a specific Blockchain


Bridging $BBT


For Tron, BSC and Polygon there is a bridge available to move tokens from one blockchain to the other. For Rollux, the TuruGlobal team will bridge manually in case of high value differences between the chains.

BBT Usecases

BabyTuru token ($BBT) has usecases in the following TuruGlobal projects:


  • Main currency for the TuruVerse Ecosystem

  • A portion of property sales is used for buy back and burn

  • The inverse tax rewards for residents are paid out in $BBT.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Turu Stores

  • 10% of the revenue generated through Turu Stores is used to buy $BBT and add to our marketing wallets.

  • Turu Stores are:

BBT Tokenomics

  • A portion of the Tax generated is burned in the Burn wallets.

  • 5% Tax is proportionally distributed over BBT holders

  • Single mint NFT's are generated at every 1 million burned $BBT

Rollux Pirates

  • $BBT are locked in Pirate Chest and paid out to holders

African Stars

  • $BBT are paid to Star holders and to creators on the website

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