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Bitcoin Maxi's

Collection size: 5
Special Feature: Some

The Bitcoin Maxi's are modelled after people making a strong case for the benefits of BitCoin. The 5 Avatars are:

  • Nayib Bukele

  • Max Keiser

  • Stacy Herbert

  • To be revealed later

  • To be revealed later


Max Keiser

Bitcoin Maxi's Collection

Join the Bitcoin Revolution with Max Keiser in the Bitcoin Maxi's Collection!
Max Keiser, the renowned financial commentator and host of The Keiser Report, is now an Avatar in the Bitcoin Maxi's Collection in TuruVerse. With his extensive knowledge of Bitcoin and years of experience in the financial industry, Keiser is the perfect guide for those looking to navigate the world of cryptocurrency. As a senior Bitcoin advisor to President Nayib Bukele, Keiser's insights and expertise are second to none. Join the Bitcoin Maxi's Collection and take your place alongside Max Keiser in the fight for financial freedom!

Price: 6 000 $BBT

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