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Crypto Villains

Collection size: 5
Special Feature: Some

The Crypto Villains are modelled after real Crypto Villains. The 5 Avatars are:

  • SBF

  • To be revealed later

  • To be revealed later

  • To be revealed later

  • To be revealed later



Crypto Villain Collection

Enter the Dark Side with SBF, the First Crypto Villain of TuruVerse!
Get ready to experience the thrill of the dark side with SBF, the first Crypto Villain Avatar to be created for TuruVerse. This sinister figure is the mastermind or fall guy behind the FTX demise, one of the defining moments for crypto in 2022. With SBF as your guide, you'll explore the hidden corners of TuruVerse and witness the rise of the crypto underworld. Are you ready to join the Crypto Villain Collection and unleash your inner villain?

Price: 5 000 $BBT

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