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Collection size: 5
Special Feature: Some

The Gotham collection is modelled after prominent residents of Gotham. The 5 Avatars are:

  • BatTuru

  • Turu Q

  • Joker

  • To be revealed later

  • To be revealed later



Gotham Collection

Introducing BatTuru, the hero of the Gotham Collection, who's always ready to fight against any trouble that arises in the TuruVerse. As soon as the BatTuru sign illuminates the sky, it's a signal that there's a crisis in town.

While BatTuru primarily battles against other characters from the Gotham Collection, he's also on the lookout for any Crypto Villains or Pirates that might be causing chaos. In case of an emergency, simply switch on the BatTuru light and call for help, and BatTuru will rush to the rescue.

Price: 5 000 $BBT

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