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You wanna know more about TuruVerse?


We are answering your questions in general with detailed Medium articles. In case you have any additional questions not mentioned here, then reach out to Telegram channel to ask the question and you might find the answer back in this Q&A section sooner or later


Questions and Answers

What is #WEYE

WEYE stands for "We earn, you earn". This describes the philosophy of TuruVerse to make sure that users are benefiting from the revenue generated by TuruGlobal as well.

Single Mints

Single Mints are uniquely designed one of a kind BabyTuru NFT''s. In time all SIngle Mints will be the base for our TuruVerse Avatars. Holders of the NFT will share in the revenue of Avatar sales.


The mission of TuruGlobal, the team behind TuruVerse is to be a force for good. This is reflected in our approach and projects we run. Our core values are described in the Medium Article..


TuruVerse in the media..

TuruVerse team has had some interviews and appearances in the media, while we are also organizing a weekly Twitter spaces to keep the community updated


Around the Block

We’d Love to Talk to You

If you are looking for our background story or would like to set up an interview. Just reach out.

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